raw papaya fried bread( parantha)

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wheat flour dough (make small balls of the dough)
1 small raw papaya grated
1 tspn caraway seeds
1 tspn salt, 1/4 tspn red chilly powder
2 finely chopped green chillies
2 tblspn clarified butter


make small roti (size of pancake)
mix the grated papaya and the spices together
now place this filling on 1roti and cover with a similar size of roti( it should be medium thick)
now dust some dry wheat flour and roll it into one round roti
heat the girdle or nonstick pan and cook the roti for a min on each side
then smear clarified butter on one side and let it fry on low flame as it turns light brown flip
cook the other side with clarified butter
now serve it hot with tarmarind dip and green chilli sauce

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