makki ki roti

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3 cups of maize flour
1 cup lukewarm water
a pinch of salt
1 tspn clarified butter


add salt to the flour
use luke warm water to knead the flour
then take a clean plastic foil and spread it on the surface where you will make the bread
now dust the dry flour place the ball and make a roti of the size larger than of a regular pancake
then heat the girdle and then lift the roti with one hand along the foil, to avoid cracking
then transfer it on the girdle and remove the foil, keep the flame low
cook for a min and apply some water on its upper side then after a min flip it
cook for 2 mins on low flame and then on direct flame puff it
heat on both the sides
or puff on the girdle by lightly pressing from the sides
when its done apply clarified butter and relish its sweet and salty flavour

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