About Me

India has the most ancient roots when it comes to culture, language, civilization and food. We have our Goddess of food –Ma Annapurna we worship her and seek her blessing so that we and anybody who comes to our home should receive food in abundance .The ancient temple is in Varanasi which has the tradition where the food is first served to the poor, pilgrims and children and then the meal is offered to the Goddess as she is our mother and she doesn’t eat before her children have had the food. This is for me the spirit I have come across in my own house and this is the whole gist of life for me – service before self. We should cook with a calm and happy state of mind and remember you are making this for your own people. It is a transfer of energy and projection of yourself.


Black gram (chana)
Cheese Sandwich
Mix veg pakore
raw papaya fried bread( parantha)